After euthanizing the fish with a brain spike, shinkei jime, A.K.A. spinal cord destruction, is a more difficult skill to master. Lacking real equipment, people have turned to homemade substitutes. Some try sending heavy monofilament down the neural canal, reaching only a portion of the spinal cord before giving up. Others try multi-stranded leader wire that kinks and bends, especially at thinner diameters. Still others resort to entirely ineffective lengths of aluminum bailing wire, and quit altogether. 

Don’t quit. For the first time in the USA, true shinkei wires are here — and they’re keyed to the American fishing experience. Handmade and constructed from a single filament of a flexible alloy, these commercial-grade wires will power through the full length of a fish’s spinal cord easily and effectively, shutting down all remaining electrochemical signaling. Our line of Circuit Breakers will keep the delicate muscle tissue of a fish perfect and protected from the side effects of rigor mortis. Patent pending.